UI Developer at Genestack Ltd

Genestack is a genomics platform which is used by biologists to research, store, organise and process data. We have offices in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Cambridge (UK).

Our front end is in HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript (with emphasis on jQuery). Our back end is written in Java.

We’re searching for a UI developer in St. Petersburg or Cambridge. They will:
–Conceive, code and maintain bioinformatical and administrative UIs;
–Improve our development environment.

We solve hard problems within short iterations and immovable deadlines. This is why we want a strong front end specialist.

Our candidate is a Javascript expert. The following is required:

–Fundamental JS knowledge;
–Intimate knowledge of DOM APIs;
–Expertise in jQuery;
–Understanding of OOP and FP principles, and of MVC approach;
–Ability to create UI components and build UIs with them;
–Experience with unit testing;
–Experience with modern JS tooling;
–Interest in new JS trends: React, Angular 2, Webpack, etc.
–Basic knowledge of node.js.

Our candidate is also a CSS expert. The following is required:

–CSS fundamentals knowledge;
–CSS3 experience (incl. flexbox);
–Proficiency with browser devtools.
–Canvas and d3 experience are also very appreciated.

Some knowledge of Java is a plus.

Our UI developers design the UIs themselves. They should have some fundamental knowledge about UI design and a portfolio. We expect our candidates to have read or have knowledge of the works of Norman, Cooper, Tufte or Raskin.

We’re searching for a responsible and experienced developer, who is able to work on their own, without a manager (we don’t have any).