Genestack is a bioinformatics platform where biologists store, process and research genomic data.

We are looking for a programmer who can find elegant solutions and get things done in time.

We follow agile practices and work in small iterations. We expect our candidate to be able to split a large task into a number of smaller steps, each one having a measurable or visible result.

Tasks include, but are not limited to: development and support of the system core, API and platform applications, data storage optimization, and cluster process management (Amazon, etc).


–Strong Java skills
–Good knowledge of CS
–Knowledge of basic principles of OOP, data structures and algorithms
–Capability to work independently at all stages from planning to production code
–Knowledge of code optimization, profiling, and testing
–Ability to read other people’s code and refactoring experience
–Experience in web application development
–Intermediate level of English
–Interest in working with biological applications and data

Nice to haves:

–Experience with big data
–Knowledge of biology and genetics
–Python, R
–Experience with Unix-like systems
–Experience with JS/HTML/CSS